How Much Does it Cost to Build a Green Home?

Many people believe that building a green home will always be more expensive than constructing a traditional one. However, research results reveal that the basic cost of building a green building can be up to 16% higher than that of a conventional building. But with custom-built homes, there are many options and features that could make building a traditional home more expensive. In fact, green homes often use fewer building materials and smaller heating and cooling systems, details that can reduce the cost of construction.

The installation costs of green elements can be between 28 and 32% higher than in conventional buildings. However, the environmental impact of these sources and the savings in energy costs outweigh their initial expenses. In Seattle, third-party verified homes, which are often “greener” homes, sold 23.5 percent more per square foot in 10 percent less time and represent 6 percent of the market. Solar cells are ideal components to include when manufacturing solar panels, lighting and fans in residential and commercial buildings.

Green buildings require specially designed accessories and finishes to promote sustainability, including lighting and paving materials. The improvements in the performance of the building structure and the heating equipment necessary to achieve an “energy free” state mean that housing prices increase by only 4%. Building a completely green home usually costs 20 to 30 percent more than a traditional construction, but you can still get results if you spend less, often just 2 to 4 percent more than standard construction. As more people learn about and adopt the green buildings initiative, these costs could soon be reduced.

When considering building a new custom home, it is important to remember that green or green homes are not necessarily unaffordable. With careful planning and research, you can build an energy-efficient home without breaking the bank.