Finding Local Architects Specializing in Green Home Design

Are you looking for an architect or building designer who specializes in designing and building green homes? Look no further! There are plenty of local architects and architectural firms that offer master planning and building design services with an emphasis on green building practices and environmentally friendly design strategies. From award-winning projects to comprehensive design firms, here are some of the best architects and building designers for your green home project.

BPC Green Builders

is a great choice for those looking to create and deliver well-designed homes with the advantages of high-performance, energy efficient, and sustainable green homes. BPC works with architects from the beginning of a project to ensure that their clients get the most out of their green home.

The Epsten Group

is another great option for those looking for an environmentally friendly approach to their project.

The firm specializes in master planning, building design, renovation, and consulting services with an environmental nuance. Their belief that the principles of green building open the door to new and innovative design strategies has resulted in some incredibly beautiful and sustainable projects.


is a primitive company that uses 3D images to help customers get a complete picture of the building while maintaining their principled view that environmentally friendly building practices are best practices.

Berliner and Associates

, a comprehensive design firm, will not only deal with the architecture of a project, but will also be responsible for planning and interior design while trying to ensure that the project is sustainable and healthy for the environment.

Sustainable Design Group

has one goal in mind: to ensure that its home designs are environmentally friendly and in harmony with nature. The firm believes in environmentally friendly designs, but it also believes that those designs can be as impressive as any other project.

Johnston Design Group

, a small company based in Greenville, South Carolina, has been widely recognized for its principled approach to sustainable design.

At Sustainable Design Group, they are masters of construction, and when John Spears founded the company, he had one thing in mind: to ensure a green home design that would suit both his needs and those of his family.

Zero Energy Design

is another leader in modern green building practices and energy efficient designs. The name of the company basically gives it away!.