Green Home Building and Retrofitting: What Support is Available?

Building or retrofitting a green home is an increasingly popular choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact and save money on energy costs. Fortunately, there are a number of funding opportunities available to help make this process easier. Green Communities provides grants, funding, capital in tax credits, and technical assistance to developers who meet the criteria for affordable housing that promotes health, conserves energy and natural resources, and provides easy access to jobs, schools and services. Modernization often involves modifications to existing commercial buildings that can improve energy efficiency or decrease energy demand.

Energy-efficient upgrades can reduce operating costs, especially in older buildings, as well as help attract tenants and gain an edge in the market. Eligible landlords primarily include landlords who receive rental assistance from HUD under the multifamily project-based rental assistance of Section 8, Section 202, of supportive housing for low-income seniors, and Section 811, of supportive housing for low-income people with disabilities. The Office of Building Technologies provides resources that allow planners, designers and owners to focus on energy use objectives from the early planning stages to post-modernization monitoring. Building Improvement Manual is a strategic guide to plan and implement cost-effective and energy-efficient building improvements. EnergyPlus is a whole-building energy simulation program to model and optimize buildings' energy and water use.

Reference commercial buildings provide information on the energy models that characterize 70% of commercial buildings in the United States. Prospective buyers are interested in green building practices and are willing to spend more to invest in healthy homes. Members of the Green Business Bureau demonstrate their current ecological achievements using GBB's unique interactive certification seal. Whether you're building from scratch or expanding an existing home, today there are a variety of green building materials and products on the market to create your vision of a sustainable home. Its biodegradability, durability and high carbon storage capacity make hemp a promising green building material.