What is the Inflation Reduction Act and How Can it Help Home Efficiency?

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a federal law that provides tax credits and refunds to help Americans cover the costs of home energy upgrades. It can cover up to 100% of the costs of buying and installing a new electric clothes dryer with heat pump, depending on household requirements. The IRA also includes tax credits and discounts to modernize a switch box or electrical wiring, as well as reimbursements for energy audits to identify the best improvement options. In addition, it offers tax credits to cover up to 30% of the costs of installing solar panels.

The IRA is designed to help more Americans harness the sun's energy to supply their homes with clean electricity and save big on utility bills. It also helps households withstand the burden of new electrical appliances, while reducing energy costs for consumers and small businesses. To take advantage of the IRA, you must wait a little longer to receive your refunds. However, you can use the tax credits right away to cover up to 100% of the costs of stoves, stoves, stoves and electric ovens, depending on household requirements.

You can also use them for a range of home improvements that reduce energy losses, keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and save money on utility bills. If you're planning a home improvement project, the Inflation Reduction Act could be your voucher. Learn how it will help you cover costs and save money on your bills every month, from improving the air conditioning and efficiency of your home, to installing new electrical appliances or buying an electric vehicle or a rooftop solar system.