Building a Sustainable Home: Resources and Modernization Methods

Reclaimed wood is a great choice for building a sustainable home. Not only does it give a rustic farm look, but it also helps preserve our forests and reduce the use of fossil fuels. Recycling metal instead of using virgin ore also helps preserve natural resources and saves energy. To help guide you to sustainable building practices, here are the top 10 modernization methods that can provide measurable value to existing buildings.

A technology package in platform solutions can offer greater efficiencies with a comprehensive approach that encompasses multiple modernization methods. Funding is also available under this provision for HUD's benchmarking initiative, which will fund the energy and water benchmarking of properties assisted by HUD. Homeowners don't have to receive a grant or loan under the GRRP to participate in the HUD benchmarking initiative. Eligible landlords primarily include landlords who receive rental assistance from HUD under the project-based multifamily rental assistance of Section 8, Section 202, Supportive Housing for Low-Income Elderly and Section 811, Supportive Housing for Low-Income People with Disabilities.

For more information about program requirements and how to apply to the GRRP, visit the Elements website, Leading Edge website or full web page. The Leading Edge and Elements application forms were updated to better account for acquisition revenues to affiliated parties. For more information, see the FAQs for more information. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) offers countless resources to help educate and prepare builders for success in green building.

From videos to expert questions, checklists and tool kits, they provide valuable information on sustainable building practices. A growing set of tools, resources and examples is available to help improve the energy performance of one or more buildings. To support the continued progress of the industry, RMI has developed a list of useful tools available, both those developed by RMI and those that are publicly available. These resources will help you make energy use transparent and set reduction goals, as well as reveal strategies for reducing energy use.

Whether you're building from scratch or adding to an existing home, there are a variety of green building materials and products on the market today to create your vision of a sustainable home. Any “green” practice that eliminates indoor air pollution will be welcomed by all stakeholders in a building. Sustainable construction practices based on the new commissioning of available space will ensure efficient use of space. This continuous process is designed to solve operational problems, improve tenant comfort, and optimize the energy use of existing buildings. Elements is a free, open source, cross-platform software tool for Windows and Mac for creating and editing custom weather files for energy modeling of buildings. Sustainable, high-performance construction incorporates construction techniques, materials and designs to minimize the impact of a home on the environment. While they may not generate catchy headlines like trophy construction projects do, their widespread impact on the construction landscape has raised the profile of sustainability in buildings in the consciousness of the general public.

Some cities are quick to tear down an existing structure and build something completely new in its place. However, today's leading building owners have actively participated in modernizing green buildings as the key to future sustainability models. More importantly, occupancy data can be used to assess the true utilization of several rooms and spaces to determine if the overall space needs to be redesigned or redistributed among the building's occupants. Compared to a BAS upgrade, low-cost BAS modernizations offer an easier path to a sustainable future. Poor ventilation, inadequate heating and cooling control, and recent remodeling can affect the entry of fresh air into the building. ENERGY STAR provides a useful guide to choosing the most appropriate type of insulation based on your project and skill level, as well as a list of ENERGY STAR certified insulation products. Green or sustainable practices in commercial buildings produce healthier and more resource-efficient models of operation and maintenance.

To ensure efficient use of space while creating healthier environments for occupants, it is important to consider all aspects of sustainability when constructing or retrofitting a green home.