Green Resiliency and Retrofit Program: What You Need to Know

The Green Resiliency and Retrofit Program (GRRP) is a groundbreaking initiative from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that provides funding for grants and loans to help property owners with multifamily assistance make improvements to energy efficiency, water efficiency, and climate resilience in their buildings. This program is designed to benefit HUD-assisted housing residents, who are often disadvantaged Justice40 communities, by improving the quality, health, safety and comfort of their homes, strengthening them to be more resilient to extreme weather events, and by improving their ability to remain in their homes during recovery from such events. The GRRP offers multiple grant and loan funding options that building owners can apply for, which are tailored to meet the needs of applicants with varying levels of experience in green modernization. These awards, which are awarded in the form of GRRP grants or surplus cash loans, will allow landlords to implement construction projects that comprehensively transform the energy consumption and emission profiles of properties and climate resilience. Building owners will be able to invest in technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps, windproof roofs and other measures that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make properties healthier and safer for residents in the face of a more severe and changing climate. The GRRP is the first HUD program to simultaneously invest in energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy generation, green and healthy housing, and climate resilience strategies, specifically in multifamily housing assisted by HUD.

This program is a major step forward in helping property owners make their buildings more sustainable and resilient while also providing much-needed assistance to disadvantaged communities. If you're a property owner looking for ways to make your building more energy efficient, water efficient, or resilient to extreme weather events, the GRRP is an excellent option. The program's NoFOs and Housing Notice detail all the funding options available for you to apply for. With these funds, you can make your building more sustainable while also providing much-needed assistance to disadvantaged communities.