The Eyes Have it

Experience is something one gains with time. Market knowledge is a matter of homework. Dedication is a method of consistent application. These are all important qualities to have, and these are all qualities Delaine Haugen possesses. 

It’s the things you can’t achieve that make the difference. It’s the things you either have, or you don’t. Delaine isn’t an award-winning success story because she did her homework. She’s a success because she understands the difference between a house and a home. She understands that where you live is a major component of who you are. She has vision and intuition - two qualities you can’t learn, no matter how hard you study.

Don’t see the home of your dreams right now? With more than two decades of experience in custom and interior design, home building and remodeling, just give Delaine a blank canvas and she’ll help you create it from scratch. She doesn’t just show her clients houses, she helps them find a vision of the home that lies within. You simply can’t teach that.